Motörizer – Jungfernflug Heinkel

Gnutz – 26.11.2022

Nach einem Jahr Planung und Umsetzung hat Kai mit seinem Team das Unmögliche möglich gemacht: Da ist der Vogel, 6m Spannweite, 100kg leicht, eine echte Zeitmaschine.

Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten und Unterstützer die mit großem Einsatz dafür gesorgt haben, dass der Flieger auch tatsächlich und sicher an der Decke hängt.

Keep The Spirit Alive ♠🍻

EP Release 2022

Motörizer – 10 Years Keep The Spirit Alive – EP Release

On April 22nd we’re not only celebrating our 10th Anniversary in Kiel (Räucherei), we’re also releasing our second EP!

Motörizer – 10 Years Keep The Spirit Alive –

EP will be available 22.04.22 on all music streaming platforms.

Have fun, play it loud and come to our 10 Years Anniversary Party in Kiel 22.04.22 (this will be even louder).

EP Release Pre-save link:

EP Release – 22.04.22: Motörizer – 10 Years Keep The Spirit Alive

Motörizer – Road Movie Blues

Thanks for your support,
we love what we do, we love to be on the road and we will be back on stage. Hope to see you all again, keep the spirit alive,

Your Motörizer Family

Motörizer – Road Movie Blues

This is the „Road – Movie Blues – Video“ The Song „Motörhead – Lost Woman Blues“ recorded by Motörizer 2020 Motörizer (GER) Motörhead Tribute / Cover Band

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Motörizer – Keep The Spirit Alive XX

Motörizer – Keep The Spirit Alive XX (2020)

Hamburg, time for Lemmyversary. 

Every year really looking forward… 

have a Drink, meet some Motörheadbangers and Fans, listen to Motörhead Music and celebrate the Life of Lemmy Kilmister.

Unfortunately this year we have to celebrate this in a different way. 

So get your Drinks ready and enjoy our 30 Minutes Video with a lot of Motörizer Live Shots and Interviews about the Story of Motörizer and Motörhead Music. 

See you for our video premiere here on facbook 28.12.2020 20:00. 

Be sure we will be back on stage next year.

Cheers, and don‘t forget to Rock‘n‘Roll,

Your Motörizer Family

watch video premiere

40th Anniversary „Ace Of Spades“

We celebrate the 40th Anniversary „Ace of Spades“

We all loved this album when it came out and we still celebrate the songs on every Motörizer live show.

Thank you Motörhead, we will love this album forever !

Ace Of Spades 40th Anniversary (Motörizer – Motörhead Tribute Band)

Motörizer – Road Crew Tribute 2020


Motörizer – Road Crew Tribute 2020

This one is dedicated to all the guys behind the stage, the helping hands, the guys behind the sound and the guys behind the light…

…to the booker, the tour manager, the guys from the agency, the catering guys, the security, the bus driver, the boys and girls behind the bar, the venue manager and the merchandise guys…

…to all the families and friends supporting us and supporting Motörhead Music, and all the rocking people making an event like this possible, thank you very much.

 Very special thanks to „Ronny the Roadie“, you’re the best. 

This video was taken from the Lemmyversary 3 – Markthalle Hamburg, thank you Torben, thank you Tosh. 

We hope to see you all again soon, your Motörizer – Family.


Markus‘ Heavy Music Blog – Hamburg’s Rock & Roll Scene In Times Of Corona – Motörizer

Covid-19 and the taken measures have a big impact on everybody individually, but have also an impact on the music business. Enough of a reason to reach out to clubs, bands,… in the greater Hamburg area, today we include a band from Kiel, to see what the situation is and how everybody can stand together to go though this. Today we continue with Motörizer – Motörhead Tribute Band and Peter Blackhead, describing how the corona crisis affects the band.

Motörizer FoHM - 08.02.2020 -68
Motörizer Band 2020

Das gesamte Interview herunterladen (pdf):

Das gesamte Interview lesen auf „Markus‘ Heavy Music Blog“:

Markus‘ Heavy Music Blog