EP Motörizer – 10 Years Keep The Spirit Alive

VÖ: 22.04.2022 / UMI Music

EP – Motörizer – 10 Years Keep The Spirit Alive
  1. Over The Top
  2. Iron Fist
  3. Iron Horse

Total: 00:09:57

Motörizer – 10 Years Keep The Spirit Alive (2022)

It’s been 10 years ago exactly since Motörizer played their first „Motörhead Tribute Show“. At that very time with a short program, in front of a small audience.

Over the years, stages, shows, crowds and the band equipment turned bigger and bigger, but one thing remained the same to this very day: the love for the music of Motörhead.

Henceforth Motörizer for their 10th anniversary in 2022 humbly bow to the originals with an EP, simply saying „thank you“ to everyone who made this past band decade possible and continues doing so. The EP contains “Live – Rehearsal – Recordings” of three essential Motörhead songs from throughout the last year which always find their way into in the Motörizer live set lists.

EP Motörizer – Lemmyversary Rehearsals XX

VÖ: 28.05.2021 / UMI Music

EP – Motörizer – Lemmyversary Rehearsals XX

Recorded live in one take during „Lemmyversary Rehearsals“ 2020

  1. Doctor Rock
  2. Stay Clean
  3. Metropolis
  4. Ace Of Spades
  5. Rock Out

Total: 00:15:29

Motörizer – Lemmyversary Rehearsals XX (2021)

Since 2012, Motörizer from Kiel, Germany, celebrates its „Motörhead Tribute Show“ – working to achieve a suitable tribute to the band members’ biggest musical influence over the past 35 years. 

Latest with the sudden death of Lemmy in December of 2015, the life of Ian Fraser Kilmister and the music of Motörhead had been celebrated more than ever – with every Motörizer Show, keeping the memory alive.

Each year, “Lemmyversary” is held at “Markthalle” in Hamburg, Germany, to celebrate the life of Lemmy and in memory of this remarkable icon. The annual anniversary had become a “Must Attend” for Motörhead fans, whilst Motörizer is headlining the nite with a special  Motörhead Tribute Show.

As “Lemmyversary Vol. V” could not take place in 2020 due to the Pandemic,  the EP „Lemmyversary Rehearsals XX“, compiling live recordings of the 2020 rehearsals, is supposed to shorten the wait for the next Lemmyversary- hopefully happening again in late 2021.

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