Lemmyversary Vol. 7

Hamburg – It was another great evening at Lemmyversary for us. It was nice to see so many familiar faces again and also meet new ones. We had a lot of fun and had a drink or two with you after the show, thank you very much!

We would also like to thank Tosh and the entire Markthalle team for their active support, Heiko, Lennox und Kenneth, Torben and Peter, the CameraUp team and Jens from Jaks Hell, Team Merchandise, Frank Dudek, Alexander Hahl, Markus Wiedenmann, Rhodo for the spontaneous support, and of course Henning from Ozzyfied. That was great!

Impressions Of A Special Night – Lemmyversary Vol.7

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Motörizer – Rider’s Café Lübeck – 05.11.23

Motörizer – Riders Cafe Lübeck – 05.11.2023

Thank you for coming to our show at Riders Cafe Lübeck, we had a great time. See you soon at the Lemmyversary on December 28th, 2023 – Markthalle Hamburg!

Not long until 05.11.23 – Rider’s Café Lübeck

Hope to see you, No Sleep Til Hamburg 2023!



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Motörizer – Rider’s Café – Lübeck – 05.11.23

Motörizer – W:O:A 2023

Wacken, we had more than a great time – we will never forget – and we will be back – (if you let us :-)) – Special Thanks to Rainer & Guido from the Wacken „Road Crew“ –

Here we are again, get your drinks ready – see you on Wednesday 02.08.23 LGH Wacken 19:00 – Rock’n’Roll ♠️

Motörizer WOA 2023
Motörizer – W:O:A 2023
Motörizer WOA 2023
Motörizer – W:O:A 2023


Motörizer – Clash Of The Titans (NL)

Kanaalrock Foundation – 7 & 8 April Fabrieswijk 20 De Krim – Here We Are Again, Really Looking Forward: 08.04.2023 – Clash Of The Titans –

One thing is for sure: „Clash of the Titans“ means „Clash of the Titans“! Thanks for your hospitality Kanaalrock , we had a great time, hope to see you all again!

Motörizer ♠

Lemmyversary Vol. 6 (2022)

Hamburg, you rock! Thanks for coming to Lemmyversary Vol.6, we had a great time with you and  we hope Lemmy would have liked it too. ♠️♠️♠️ (Fotos: Frank Dudek)

Markus‘ Heavy Music Blog

…Motörizer plays a 90 minutes set which is a real tribute to Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead and the moment ‘Ace of Spades’ and ‘Overkill’ blast through the Markthalle, everybody goes wild. It’s great to hear these classics, performed by a band that knows what’s needed to add new life to each of these rock anthems. It’s not about playing these tunes. Motörizer inhale the spirit of Motörhead and these timeless rock classics, being a delights fans who came exactly for this reason…

Markus‘ Heavy Music Blog

Live report Lemmyversary: Motörizer & Sloppy Joe’s, Markthalle Hamburg – December 28th, 2022 – Markus‘ Heavy Music Blog

Markthalle Hamburg / Klosterwall 11, 20095 Hamburg

Lemmyversary 2022 / Motörizer
Lemmyversary 2022 / Motörizer / Special Guest: Sloppy Joe’s

Tickets : Eventim

Motörizer – Jungfernflug Heinkel

Gnutz – 26.11.2022

Nach einem Jahr Planung und Umsetzung hat Kai mit seinem Team das Unmögliche möglich gemacht: Da ist der Vogel, 6m Spannweite, 100kg leicht, eine echte Zeitmaschine.

Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten und Unterstützer die mit großem Einsatz dafür gesorgt haben, dass der Flieger auch tatsächlich und sicher an der Decke hängt.

Keep The Spirit Alive ♠🍻

Motörizer – Halloween Night – Hademarscher Hof

Halloween Night am 29.10.22 im Hademarscher Hof mit Ozzyfied, Motörizer, Defender.

Only way to feel the noise…

Thanks for coming to „Halloween Night“ in Hademarschen, we had a great time with you guys !

Greetings to Ozzyfied, Defender, Ballroom Hamburg, Hademarscher Hof & Crew !

Motörzer – Halloween Night – Hademarschen (Foto: Heiko Schilk)

Motörizer - Halloween Night 29.10.22

Ballroom Hamburg Hall Operation Festival

Motörizer – W:O:A Aftershow Party 2022

LGH Wacken Clubstage – Sa. 01.10.22 – W:O:A Aftershow Party 2022 – Motörizer & Ivory Tower

Thanks for coming to our show yesterday at LGH Wacken, we had a great time and a lot of beer with you guys, greetings to Otti – Ballroom Hamburg and Ivory Tower (there is always enough beer), cheers ! ♠🍻

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Motörizer - LGH Wacken - W:O:A Aftershow Party
LGH Wacken – W:O:A Aftershow Party 2022

Tickets: metaltix

Link: LGH Wacken